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Thankyou Michelle Clarke 🌈 If you have any other areas to add reviews please add mine!!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 When Yvonne walks into a room her presence fills it up with light and love slightsmile emoticon 🌈 Yvonne and I had three sessions which helped me tremendously physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally!! 🌈 First Yvonne walked me through some emotional blocks I was having. We did an exercise that released me from my childhood trauma that was stopping me from being able to recieve love fully. This exercise helped improve the relationship with my mother which I am so very thankful for!!! 🌈 I was hit by a truck going 55 mph while standing on the side of the road ten years ago and also had another serious car accident that affected my neck shortly before that. Yvonne could tell my problem areas without me even saying a word. She was very gentle while she worked her magic. It felt as though there was stream of healing energy flowing right to the problem areas and then f