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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


It’s just a thoughtform, so do not entertain it. 🌠🌠
If you go to the thought of virus you are inviting it.
It has no power unless you give it power! 🌠🌠
You really get to play with that one in India with all the potential illnesses. You see others getting all the vaccinations and they still get malaria or other disease because they focus on it! 🌠🌠
It’s a test of power of the mind!
We have all the power of the Universe inside us, and we have free will how we use it!
Enjoy the Divine Comedy! 🌠🌠🌠
Will play with this in the Boghill weekend in County Clare, Ireland May 23/24th. 🌠🌠🌠

Saturday, February 15, 2020


When Yvonne walks into a room her presence fills it up with light and love :) Yvonne and I had three sessions which helped me tremendously physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally!!
First Yvonne walked me through some emotional blocks I was having. We did an exercise that released me from my childhood trauma that was stopping me from being able to recieve love fully. This exercise helped improve the relationship with my mother which I am so very thankful for!!!
 I was hit by a truck going 55 mph while standing on the side of the road ten years ago and also had another serious car accident that affected my neck shortly before that. Yvonne could tell my problem areas without me even saying a word. She was very gentle while she worked her magic. It felt as though there was stream of healing energy flowing right to the problem areas and then flowing right through me while she was releasing and healing all of my old wounds.
The pain and discomfort went away, I felt full of energy and so much lighter after our sessions!! I had a bad knee from my accident that wasnt able to fully extend while standing up straight, after our sessions it can almost fully extend!!!
It has been two months since our session and I am still feeling better than ever!!!!
 I highly recommend a session with Yvonne, she radiates love and healing while accompanied with her chiropractic knowledge making her a true healer on multiple levels.
Yvonne has a gift she shares with us, I am very thankful and blessed to have crossed paths with Yvonne on my journey ✌πŸ’šπŸ˜Š

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Workshop Theme … “FROM FEAR TO LOVE”🌟🌟
This body called Yvonne Murphy resonates in the 500’s spiritual calibration which is LOVE, so it’s my good pleasure to point to LOVE and grow it for all in this residential (optional!) weekend workshop!🌟🌟
Heres more on what we will cover in workshop as well as great chiropractic/cranio/divineclearing treatments!🌟🌟
This level is categorized by love that is very close to being unconditional, unchanging, and permanent.
It does not fluctuate nor does it depend on external factors.
Love is a state of being.🌟
It is a forgiving, nurturing, and a supportive way of relating to the world.
It is not intellectual and does not come from the human mind.
Love radiates from the heart Chakra. It has the capacity to life others and accomplishes great feats because of its purity of motive.🌟
At this level of consciousness, the capacity to discern essence becomes predominant. The core of an issue becomes the center of focus.
As reason is bypassed, there arises the capacity for instantaneous recognition of the totality of a problem. Reason only deals with particulars, whereas Love deals with entireties.
This ability, often called intuition, is the capacity for instantaneous understanding without resorting to sequential symbol processing.🌟
There is a major paradigm shift in those things, which seemed real, which now seem unreal and vice versa.
This level opens to door to benevolence, mercy, and Forgiveness through understanding and nonjudgmental.
Only 4% of the entire population of the earth attains this level!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Because of the dominating power of light over darkness, one individual at this level counterbalances 750,000 people below the 200 levels.
This is the level at which spirituality starts, since below this, individuals are still caught up in the linear world. 🌟
Also the level of a songbird’s song, cat’s purr, and a dog’s wagging tail.🐢🐢
From Dr David Hawkins

“What can all the powers of the world do to That which is within you,
that Immortal, that Unborn and Undying One, whom the sword cannot pierce, whom the fire cannot burn?
… What is there that you can fear when you are conscious of Him who is within you?”🌟
Sri  Aurobindo, 1922, p.22

SEND €100 DEPOSIT NOW TO PAYPAL divineclearingmessage@gmail.com
We start at 1130am on Saturday and go late for people travelling from other parts of Ireland and the world!
Bed Saturday night and breakfast and lunch Sunday included at Boghill Centre, Kilfenora, County Clare. We will connect with the powers of Mother Ireland and the Burren and around the surfers on Lahinch Beach.
And early start Sunday with end at 5pm for those who need to get home not too late!