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We bring you to High Vibration in Divine Clearing! Ready?

​ HIGH CALIBRATION ARTICLE/MUSIC "VIBRATE HIGHER!" 🌸 The covid-19 has a vibration of 5.5hz, dies above 25.5hz. For humans with higher vibration, the virus is a simple complaint. The reasons for having low vibration can be: Fatigue(physical or mental) Fear Nervous tension(stress or anxiety) Rage Hate  Mal nutrition etc. So we have to vibrate high and not constantly watch the news or negative stuff; so that the frequency does not lower us, and changes the immune system. The frequency of the earth today is 27.4hz. but there are places that vibrate very low like: Hospitals Assistance Centers. Jails Bars Casinos Funeral or burial places Basements or Underground etc. It is where the vibration drops to 20hz, or less still. For humans with low vibration, the virus becomes dangerous. Pain 0.1 to 2hz. Fear 0.2 to 2.2hz. Irritation 0.9 to 6.8hz. Noise 0.6 to 2.2hz. Pride 0.8 hz. Abandon 1.5hz. Superiority 1.9 hz. Instead: Generosity 95hz True thanks 150 hz Compassion 150 hz or more. Lo

💕💕 AWAKENING YOU? 💕💕###c

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