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Divine Kid s Clearing Workshop with Dr Yvonne Murphy Dr Yvonne Murphy has over 25 years experience practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic (Palmer College of Chiropractic). She has worked all over the world in many areas of holistic health and well-being and she specialises in cranial, pediatrics, birth trauma release and animal treatment, particularly equine. Now, Dr Murphy offers a unique, caring approach to both spiritual and physical health with her modality, Divine Clearing. Divine Clearing releases misperceptions held in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, energetic attachments and ancestral blocks. Dr Yvonne Murphy is delighted to be sharing Divine Clearing in NZ. During Divine Kids Clearing Workshops, we ask to be shown what is stuck and preventing Love from flowing in the system. The system can be a parent child relationship, a family, an autistic child who cannot operate within normal limits and much more. The Divine Mystery can handle anything! After workin