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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Am asked this question often, and just read something that explains what we do in the Divine Clearing process ...

    Ihaleakala: Manipulation happens when I (as a therapist) come from the idea that you are ill and I am going to work on you. On the other hand, it'snot manipulation if I realize that you are coming to me to give me a chance to look at what's going on in me. There's a big difference.
    If therapy is about your belief that you're there to save the other person, heal the other person, or direct the other person, then the information you bring will come out of the intellect, the conscious mind. But the intellect has no real understanding of problems and how to approach them. The intellect is so picayunish is its way of solving problems!
    It doesn't realize that when a problem is solved by transmutation—by using Ho'oponopono or related processes—then the problem andeverything related to it is solved, even at microscopic levels and back to the beginning of time.
    So first of all, I think the most important question to ask is, "What is a problem?" If you ask people this, there's no clarity. Because there's no clarity, they make up some way of solving the problem

We ask the Great Mystery for help, and a Power Greater than ourselves takes over ...
Ego sits by our side, like a well trained dog as we witness the miracle of true healing ... 
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