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My meeting with Marian Keyes

Marion Keyes, the Irish author came for a treatment in Dublin, Ireland and this was in Image magazine. Then it ended up in her book "Postcards from the Bed" MArain Keyes pp52-54 The following day, I had an appointment at the Harvest Moon Centre with Doctor Yvonne Murphy, who works in tandem with Danielle. She's a fully qualified chiropractor of the conventional medicine kind, but with a difference. She doesn't just fix your gammy back, she 'realigns' your spirit as well. Most of us are 'out of balance' - our male / female sides are skewed or our right brain/ left brain balance is off, and once we're back in balance, it'll 'heal sexuality and bring heightened awareness and awake mind, body and spirit' . The Harvest Moon Centre - like the place the night before - was full of surprisingly normal-looking people: a blonde woman in a black trouser-suit with an umbrella was emerging from having her chakras realigned, a man with