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Hi from Wellington, NZ! Am working my way down to the Kids and Parents Workshop in Queenstown and have got caught up in the excitement of the opening of the Hobbit movie here in Wellington. I am reminded of some of the Divine Clearings we gave to Tolkien (the author of the Hobbit) ... We were trying to find the missing link in why things were going wrong constantly with the making of the movie a year and a half or two years  ago ... We asked the Great Mystery, and it was shown that some of Tolkiens "stuff" was jinxing the project ... like a call for Love, the "stuff" was making itself know in problems that needed resolution for Love to flow through the movie. So we asked for help from the Divine , and observed the clearing of Tolkiens ancestral line and his emotional body, with the corresponding growth of the Spiritual body ... which is his and our true nature of Love and Joy. (Remember all time is going on all the time!)  And then there no more things constan