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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Thanks for all of your help with Kid, he has really turned a corner
I took on a horse that had a very chequered history and had been passed from pillar to post with different horse breakers and riders.
I heard and also found out for myself after I had purchased him that he had an incredible buck, really broncing, tucked under himself and meant business until you were off. He had also had a full body scan and an operation for loose bone chip removal, this was a previous owners last resort as I think they thought that this may have been a cause for bucking.
I bought him off someone who thought a lot of his problem had been ill fitting saddles and you could see where sores had been, she rode bareback and brought him on but he had a mincy walk, trot and canter, would move forward but was hard work to ride he was nappy and would try to bite when saddling up he also had a bit of a skin condition getting scurfy and small scabs if not groomed properly in the saddle area.
What I was looking for when I found Yvonnes website was a massage therapist but as I have always been open to things spiritual I thought to myself well this could be worth a go to see how my new horse is doing mentally and physically, if she could get into his psyche and communicate with him it would help me to understand him better and to see if there was anything that I could improve on. Yvonne first did a phone session in Nov 2015 and then followed up with a visit in early Dec. She worked on me with clearings and healings and too much left brain! When working on Kid she initially found it difficult to get in and connect with him (been mucked around with by too many people) but went to the higher Horse Diva then Yvonne felt jagged pain (over his rump area not sure where exactly as you have never said) and recommended 10M Arnica for his pain. After that he was going pretty good and I did a lot of jumping lessons on him over the summer, the buck would still come out very occasionally.
I got Yvonne to have a look at him again in April 2015 to see how she thought he was getting on, as he had been getting difficult to ride and bucking after jumping sometimes. I had been very lucky not to get seriously hurt when he did buck me off and people were telling me to shoot him or get rid of him. Yvonne told me “I was 45% there with Kid, after this treatment 75% he had not been happy with me! I needed me to be more of a partner and checkin with him, As I learn to communicate with him then I will get to 100% with Kid”.
WOW I thought things had been pretty good up to this point, but I was too dominant (it’s hard not to be when you think he has it in his head to get rid of you off his back!) Also we were doing some training hunts before the Hunt season started and I was interfering going into batons, so he said! I thought I was just asking him to shorten up, but I have realised that I have to ride him differently to my old faithful hunter…I have to leave him alone and let him sort his own striding out, just like my show jumping instructor had been training me over the summer! something changes when you are putting them at wire fences… And he was also still sore so Yvonne recommended 50M Arnica this time and to give him a month off with a ride just once a week to let it work no chiro or physical work.
I brought him in after the month and started riding him again, this time he has been fine and he has turned a huge corner, Yvonne tells me he now has no pain but to change the saddle I bought with him so have gone to an NSC saddle with a more flexible tree that I already had. I am riding him more freely into fences out hunting and in the time he has been back in work he has really made some progress on the hunt field to the stage where he is now a full wire hunter J J J, his behaviour on the hunt field is good with just the odd cat leap (at least if he’s moving forward he’s not bucking!!) I am sure this will diminish over time when he becomes more used to it all. The buck is not there although I would never say never! and I am sure that the natural forwardness that horses want to be out hunting has helped him get going.
I really don’t know where Kid and I would be if I hadn’t had Yvonne to help me through this with her healing and also her words that in the future she could see that people would be amazed with how he is going. Well this has come to fruition as the amount of compliments I have had with how well he is now going has been worth all of the heartache and to enjoy hunting him has been my goal, it has all amazingly fallen into place.