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Thanks for all of your help with Kid, he has really turned a corner I took on a horse that had a very chequered history and had been passed from pillar to po st with different horse breakers and riders. I heard and also found out for myself after I had purchased him that he had an incredible buck, really broncing, tucked under himself and meant business until you were off. He had also had a full body scan and an operation for loose bone chip removal, this was a previous owners last resort as I think they thought that this may have been a cause for bucking. I bought him off someone who thought a lot of his problem had been ill fitting saddles and you could see where sores had been, she rode bareback and brought him on but he had a mincy walk, trot and canter, would move forward but was hard work to ride he was nappy and would try to bite when saddling up he also had a bit of a skin condition getting scurfy and small scabs if not groomed properly in the saddle area.