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As I move through my own stages of the 12 stages of healing organized by Dr. Epstein, I am appreciating this model more and more. Here is the overview. Stage 1 Suffering Different from pain, suffering is marked by a profound awareness that something is wrong. Parts of our being are disconnected. The awareness of this disconnection is usually made as we draw more upon our consciousness and energetic resources. This especially occurs when confronted by a traumatic or chaotic event or loss. The lesson of this stage is the acceptance that nothing works at this time, and that you are presently helpless. Stage 2 Polarities and Rhythms This stage begins with the search for the magical genie that can or has been identified as the savior from distress, pain, or crisis. We project from the alienated, isolated, traumatized, hurt, shamed or ignored aspects of our being. These parts try to gain power over our helplessness through external authorities, procedures, treatments, etc. As we heal,


AWAKENING/TRANSFORM/MULTI DIMENSION! – Divine Clearing Awakening : Do you want to speed up and complete your Awakening/Liberation Process? Are you heart centered? (Spiritual Calibration 400+) Do you want to raise your spiritual calibration? Need help with energeti…


Facebook Twitter Google+ Share Events Page « All Events ANIMAL COMMUNICATION April 27 @ 2:30 pm  -  April 28 @ 6:30 pm €365 Facebook Twitter Google+ Share   want to be able to raise your vibration to heal your pets more and find out what makes them tick? (online ab fab community for sharing and clarity included!)  have a homecoming to your self and be able to give street animals help needed right away and not have to wait for other assistance? add to your beautiful professional skills as a vet or pet care provider?   or other health care provider? chiros, osteos, doulas, teachers?  some worldwide start times for online 2day class … ( and your private session and checkin at your convenience is included, and pets  are welcome!) ireland 230pm on sat and sun india 8pm on sat and sunday seattle 730am on fri and saturday singapore 1030am on sat and sun chicago usa 830am sat and sun next 2 day class is 25th/26th may 2019 (and includes your