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AWAKENING YOU ONGOING THURSDAY ON ZOOM! Distant Cranial and Chiropractic!

​ 32 years with gratitude treating peeps everyday as a chiropractor, and knowing the importance of clearing all layers for the body to come right! We are not bodies, and yet bodies show up as the densest slowest layer of consciousness,  distant cranio helps the nervous system fluids to morph into the new you So if the mental body/ mind can settle this helps health to flow in the body. If the emotional positioning can let go, then more light can shine into the dream sequence. Loving the process of emotional body growth which is the pain free reward for laying down arms! Dancing in the Void, and allowing the heart to penetrate all of small   identity,   is the icing on the cake at the end of Divine Clearing Sessions! So lovely this can be done worldwide on Zoom and Whatsapp, and the distant chiropractic so bones can morph into true alignment   as the real Self is contacted in the consciousness of the cells! Lol! Time spent travelling to a