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Heart intelligence required???

SUNDAY SEPT 22ND. IN AUCKLAND (OCT in South Island,NZ. DEC in India for 3 months!) DIVINE CLEARING WITH DR YVONNE MURPHY ASSISTED BY BELLA MUNRO. Explore being a full time Lightworker and giving messages of Healing and Love. Gain confidence connecting with your intuition and read clearly what is going on with others bodies. Learn practical knowledge on what to expect in a healing session when you connect with the Great Mystery. Workshop covers insightfull aspects of achieving your dreams and goals and manifesting desires. In the September Workshop we will continue with the theme of preparing for birth, clearing and cleaning and sealing the womb and core, so the new baby can blossom. CHILDREN WELCOME! This class is not for everyone ... Heart intelligence is required ... Please let us know why you would like to join? Contact Yvonne (64) 02102781955 SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE 24/7 ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!!!

6 min audio intro to Divine Clearing now live!

If you're interested in hearing what Divine Clearing is all about, then check out the audio intro by Dr Yvonne Murphy. You can listen to it here .