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I joyfully share knowledge in Skype sessions and through Divine Clearing classes which are held all over IRELAND, New Zealand and India, and i can visit you if you would like to host me in your country.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Do You Believe The New Race of Man is Here???

Do you believe the New Race of Man is Here and Creating a New World? Wanna join us?

They advertised the Cosmic Forest Festival, Coromandel Labor Day weekend as a 3 day Rave without drugs and alcohol with an emphasis on Awakening Consciousness, and so thats what they got!
It was the most heart opening experience of my Life, and i am so grateful. What a tribe of innocent magic makers!
My workshops were all about waking up into the eternal joy and wonder. 
About taking our power back and visioning our destiny so creation can meet us there. 
That everything is just an idea, and so we can change our minds if we do not like the idea thats appearing in our lives.
Twenty year olds shared their experience of joining with God, when in the sentence before they had stated that they did not believe in any Gods ... The Paradox of entering the Mystery was everywhere, and it was beautiful.
My next workshops with this Awakening theme underlying other themes of Healing and Animals are on the Upcoming Events tab ...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

See You In Tiruvanamalai, India with Ramana?

Ramana brings groups to Tiru, India every Jan/Feb and i love working with his groups ...

Luv and Sparkles ...

Thursday, October 23, 2014


  2. Am delighted to be giving Divine Clearing Workshops there ... They gave the theme of Divine Clearing India which should be interesting eh?
  3. Following weekend is East West Organics in New Lynn for Workshop and treatments.
  4. The next weekend is Solscape EcoResort in Raglan teaching Animal Communication!! 
  5. See you there? Or on Skype?
  6. I have a worldwide practise of thousands of people who have been helped, many who came with little hope after spending years and thousands of dollars with no results. I can help overcome illness and suffering in one treatment/workshop!!!!!