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This is a 14 minute look at healing.  Healing happens out of time.  In the reality of the Healer Idealist..."everything is already healed and whole".  The highest healing given is that "I am not a healer helping a sick body!"...when anyone enters that certainty, form is changed.  A great healer once said..."The Truth shall set you free!" Join in the truth and set your world free with Diving Clearing ... (Workshops, talks, treatments and long distance consultations available)

Sri Anandamayi Ma "Hari, Hari": Her Words (1896-1982)

Anadamayi Ma says from her exhalted state..."Ja Hoye Jay!"....."Whatever happens is OK!" is this place we work in Divine Clearing...we stay in "Dynamic Stillness"...where Life itself heals and changes the form. There is no-one in the way to impede the healing of the Innate Intelligence...we witness healing knowing that all is already whole and perfect......As Michelangelo stated about his statue David.."He was there all the time..he just had to be set free"... Come join us as we share the experience of Dynamic Stillness...Divine Clearing Workshops for kids!