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Heres how it works doing a distant ANIMAL/INTERSPECIES communication session! 1.You send me the info/problem with horse/child/husband ... 2. I spend 20-30 mins checking in on Fido/Millie/Rex ... 3. I email you some first impressions of whats going on  ... 4. You verify/clarify by email and we set up a Skype session, office appointment  or home visit ... 5. You can phone me if that is easier and we do the Clearings with the Great Mystery! 6. International clients can communicate by email only and sit quietly while the Clearing session is going on. 7. I am available 7 days and am flexible with time zone differences. ARE YOU CONSIDERING WORKING AS AN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR? 1. Classes available by email, phone, Skype combination and in person 2. I can explain the "how to" of Animal/Interspecies communicating 3. I can help you to receive info from animals 4. Give you exercises to relax and be in the Loving "Dynamic Stillness" 5. We can clear any blockages