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CV! Phew!

Well had to do a CV for teaching Divine Clearing...and it was alot of decided to post it! Yeh! A lot isn't mentioned on CV including score of "Healer Idealist" on the Kiersey Personality Test...only 1% score Healer Idealist... am looking forward to sharing skills to help sleep, digestion and behaviour problems in babies and kidz....can teach parents and child care providers tips to help kids from the autistic to the apparently normal. Rainbow and Crystal kids included!  Thanks!   DR.YVONNE MURPHY Objective To show teaching experience and expertise in the field of new modality called DIVINE CLEARING which evolved out of 20 years in the chiropractic/cranio/healing/massage professions on many continents. Work Experience  1991-1999          Willy Street Chiropractic, 1053 Williamson St, Madison Wisconsin and Odana Rd. Madison, Wi.                                                                        DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC n   Tr