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This is a 14 minute look at healing.  Healing happens out of time.  In the reality of the Healer Idealist..."everything is already healed and whole".  The highest healing given is that "I am not a healer helping a sick body!"...when anyone enters that certainty, form is changed.  A great healer once said..."The Truth shall set you free!" Join in the truth and set your world free with Diving Clearing ... (Workshops, talks, treatments and long distance consultations available)

Sri Anandamayi Ma "Hari, Hari": Her Words (1896-1982)

Anadamayi Ma says from her exhalted state..."Ja Hoye Jay!"....."Whatever happens is OK!" is this place we work in Divine Clearing...we stay in "Dynamic Stillness"...where Life itself heals and changes the form. There is no-one in the way to impede the healing of the Innate Intelligence...we witness healing knowing that all is already whole and perfect......As Michelangelo stated about his statue David.."He was there all the time..he just had to be set free"... Come join us as we share the experience of Dynamic Stillness...Divine Clearing Workshops for kids!

CV! Phew!

Well had to do a CV for teaching Divine Clearing...and it was alot of decided to post it! Yeh! A lot isn't mentioned on CV including score of "Healer Idealist" on the Kiersey Personality Test...only 1% score Healer Idealist... am looking forward to sharing skills to help sleep, digestion and behaviour problems in babies and kidz....can teach parents and child care providers tips to help kids from the autistic to the apparently normal. Rainbow and Crystal kids included!  Thanks!   DR.YVONNE MURPHY Objective To show teaching experience and expertise in the field of new modality called DIVINE CLEARING which evolved out of 20 years in the chiropractic/cranio/healing/massage professions on many continents. Work Experience  1991-1999          Willy Street Chiropractic, 1053 Williamson St, Madison Wisconsin and Odana Rd. Madison, Wi.                                                                        DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC n   Tr

Total responsibility as Healer Idealist!

As a Healer Idealist its always good to remember... "Everyone is already healed and whole"... we are are a well trained instrument (qualifications as Doctor of Chiropractic, studies in cranial osteopathy, dynamic osteopathy, birth trauma and pediatrics, vippasana, zen) so the healing masterpiece can be played through us in the new modality called Divine Clearing! This article on Ho oponopono helps to capture the essence of love that is involved as a healer! The Ho'oponopono Story "Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved. "When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-im

My meeting with Marian Keyes

Marion Keyes, the Irish author came for a treatment in Dublin, Ireland and this was in Image magazine. Then it ended up in her book "Postcards from the Bed" MArain Keyes pp52-54 The following day, I had an appointment at the Harvest Moon Centre with Doctor Yvonne Murphy, who works in tandem with Danielle. She's a fully qualified chiropractor of the conventional medicine kind, but with a difference. She doesn't just fix your gammy back, she 'realigns' your spirit as well. Most of us are 'out of balance' - our male / female sides are skewed or our right brain/ left brain balance is off, and once we're back in balance, it'll 'heal sexuality and bring heightened awareness and awake mind, body and spirit' . The Harvest Moon Centre - like the place the night before - was full of surprisingly normal-looking people: a blonde woman in a black trouser-suit with an umbrella was emerging from having her chakras realigned, a man with