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Horses and their Homes and Owners ...

Hi from Welly! Have a ticket to the new Hobbit movie today and so excited! Spent most of the last 2 months on the road in NZ, giving Horse treatments and Clearing their Owners and where they live! Heres a typical 3-4 hour visit to a Horses Home ... We ask the Horse Diva for help and permission to enter the Kingdom. We work in Love and with the Soul/Higher Self. Often theres some creepy land where the horse does not want to go, or water that is dark grey and horses do not like it.  … so we wander over and ask for help. Often the horse or owner has energetic attachments, wayward spirits and we stand in Love and they go back to the Light. Horses and Riders are often full of shaky fear and pain, and thats what they attract! So it has to go! Injuries are treated on the seen and unseen levels. My past years as a horse chiropractor allows me share tips to keep health flowing in the body. Often there a child or a chicken that appears needing help, full of injury … they get treated t