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Monday, July 29, 2013


“The Children of the Rainbow are being assembled and prepared for a mass influx among the population. They are multidimensional, holographic beings filled with love, without being ruled by ego-based emotions. They are wise without being overly intellectual. They are unconcerned with impressing others or competition of any kind. “They see and recognize only love, like angels. Parents must avoid the temptation to burden these children by making them confidants, as the Children of the Rainbow are excellent listeners and very compassionate. “Yes, some of them are here on Earth, born in emotionally warm and open countries, particularly Mexico, Italy, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Africa and Eastern Europe. “The Crystal Children are the primary conduits for the Rainbow energy, in the same way that crystals reflect light into rainbow prisms. This ultra-healing energy is pouring into the planets’ airwaves, radio frequencies, and water to disperse the energies and soak the planet and population in them. Dolphins, Reiki-attuned people, and merpeople are also dispersing the rainbow energy right now. “The way to bring more rainbow healing energy to the planet is through its dissemination in human bodies, known as Children of the Rainbow. This energy has only previously been embodied in the form of dolphins. Like other areas of human evolution, it’s now moving from the water onto dry land. You need fire as light through the prism of water to illuminate the rainbow rays.”