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Horses and their Homes and Owners ...

Hi from Welly! Have a ticket to the new Hobbit movie today and so excited! Spent most of the last 2 months on the road in NZ, giving Horse treatments and Clearing their Owners and where they live! Heres a typical 3-4 hour visit to a Horses Home ... We ask the Horse Diva for help and permission to enter the Kingdom. We work in Love and with the Soul/Higher Self. Often theres some creepy land where the horse does not want to go, or water that is dark grey and horses do not like it.  … so we wander over and ask for help. Often the horse or owner has energetic attachments, wayward spirits and we stand in Love and they go back to the Light. Horses and Riders are often full of shaky fear and pain, and thats what they attract! So it has to go! Injuries are treated on the seen and unseen levels. My past years as a horse chiropractor allows me share tips to keep health flowing in the body. Often there a child or a chicken that appears needing help, full of injury … they get treated t

Divine Clearing Horses in Oamaru, NZ!

Was just treating horses and riders in South Island, NZ ... So grateful! Heres a lovely note from Lisa in Oamaru just received ... Hiya Yvonne. I just wanted to let you know my life has changed for the better in so many ways since your visit. Bob is a different much calmer. My finances which I've been struggling with has turned around. People are seeking me out to work for them and my teaching (riding) has been so busy there are not enough days in the week!!! Thank-you very and hugs Lisa xxxxxxx Going back to South Island on Nov 21st ... Also available by Skype ... 

Introduction to Divine Clearing with Dr Yvonne Murphy

Heart intelligence required???

SUNDAY SEPT 22ND. IN AUCKLAND (OCT in South Island,NZ. DEC in India for 3 months!) DIVINE CLEARING WITH DR YVONNE MURPHY ASSISTED BY BELLA MUNRO. Explore being a full time Lightworker and giving messages of Healing and Love. Gain confidence connecting with your intuition and read clearly what is going on with others bodies. Learn practical knowledge on what to expect in a healing session when you connect with the Great Mystery. Workshop covers insightfull aspects of achieving your dreams and goals and manifesting desires. In the September Workshop we will continue with the theme of preparing for birth, clearing and cleaning and sealing the womb and core, so the new baby can blossom. CHILDREN WELCOME! This class is not for everyone ... Heart intelligence is required ... Please let us know why you would like to join? Contact Yvonne (64) 02102781955 SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE 24/7 ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!!!

6 min audio intro to Divine Clearing now live!

If you're interested in hearing what Divine Clearing is all about, then check out the audio intro by Dr Yvonne Murphy. You can listen to it here . 


“The Children of the Rainbow are being assembled and prepared for a mass influx among the population. They are multidimensional, holographic beings filled with love, without being ruled by ego-based emotions. They are wise without being overly intellectual. They are unconcerned with impressing others or competition of any kind. “They see and recognize only love, like angels. Parents must avoid the temptation to burden these children by making them confidants, as the Children of the Rainbow are excellent listeners and very compassionate. “Yes, some of them are here on Earth, born in emotionally warm and open countries, particularly Mexico, Italy, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Africa and Eastern Europe. “The Crystal Children are the primary conduits for the Rainbow energy, in the same way that crystals reflect light into rainbow prisms. This ultra-healing energy is pouring into the planets’ airwaves, radio frequencies, and water to disperse the energie


WHAT IS DIVINE CLEARING? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? Am asked this question often, and just read something that explains what we do in the Divine Clearing process ...     Ihaleakala: Manipulation happens when I (as a therapist) come from the idea that you are ill and I am going to work on you. On the other hand, it's not  manipulation if I realize that you are coming to me to give me a chance to look at what's going on in  me.  There's a big difference.     If therapy is about your belief that you're there to save the other person, heal the other person, or direct the other person, then the information you bring will come out of the intellect, the conscious mind. But the intellect has no real understanding of problems and how to approach them. The intellect is so picayunish is its way of solving problems!     It doesn't realize that when a problem is solved by transmutation—by using Ho'oponopono or related processes—then the problem and everything related


Divine Kid s Clearing Workshop with Dr Yvonne Murphy Dr Yvonne Murphy has over 25 years experience practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic (Palmer College of Chiropractic). She has worked all over the world in many areas of holistic health and well-being and she specialises in cranial, pediatrics, birth trauma release and animal treatment, particularly equine. Now, Dr Murphy offers a unique, caring approach to both spiritual and physical health with her modality, Divine Clearing. Divine Clearing releases misperceptions held in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, energetic attachments and ancestral blocks. Dr Yvonne Murphy is delighted to be sharing Divine Clearing in NZ. During Divine Kids Clearing Workshops, we ask to be shown what is stuck and preventing Love from flowing in the system. The system can be a parent child relationship, a family, an autistic child who cannot operate within normal limits and much more. The Divine Mystery can handle anything! After workin
INDIA ... KIDS Just finishing up 10 weeks in India ... its very hard to find words to describe the experience of awe that is India The beauty of the open heart, the innocence of children ... the warmest response to Divine Clearing ... I will attempt to share the richness and multilayered magic of this country when i return to New Zealand on March 6th My gratitude is immense Om namo bhagavate