I believe Divine Clearing is Wellness Care for the New Race of Man. It always challenges the status quo, and is the highest quality, easy to learn healing on the planet. Do you believe in the Dream of Heart Intelligence helping our families and pets, and not a limited therapist trying to save the world? Wanna join us? Blood, sweat and tears included!

I joyfully share knowledge in Skype sessions and through Divine Clearing classes which are held all over IRELAND, New Zealand and India, and i can visit you if you would like to host me in your country.
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Friday, January 16, 2015


Animal/Interspecies Communication Workshops beside Arunachala Shiva Mountain, Tiru.

The Animal/interspecies Communication i teach is a culmination of my lifetimes work with awakening and opening awareness on many continents.
Its still evolving and what gets me up early in the morning!
Its why the next 60 years are going to be better than the last 60 years of this Life!

Join us in Tiru on 1st and again on 16th February from 2-5pm near Ramana Ashram.
(And in Pondicherry Jan and March)
Contact to sign up and get discount for early payment 9677867709 and divineclearingmassage@gmail.com

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