Most sessions include healing Owner and Pet these days! LOL!

For completion on Workshop Animal Communication Notes on the Dec 9th. W/shop at Solscape, Raglan. Its the power of Love that heals and shifts realities. Its that Power that brought 66 people daily to my office in Madison, Wisconsin in the 1990's. Its Love that brought 28 animals to my door daily in Limerick, Ireland at 6am in the mornings, after a horse i had treated had won the race. Its Love at work in all the testimonials on my blog/web Its Love that keeps us breathing and allows sharing like this to happen. Its Love that has all Power, and its above the Mind as mind is too limited to understand it! Thankyou for joining in discovering more about Love and Animal Communication. Love and Sparkles Yvonne. (I will be continuing this teaching on the Divine Clearing Group on FaceBook! Join us!)


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