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Thursday, November 20, 2014



  Dear Animal Com Peeps!

The Animal Communication i teach is a culmination of my lifetimes work with animals/owners on many continents.
Its still evolving and what gets me up early in the morning!
Its why the next 60 years are going to be better than the last 60 years of this Life!

Let start with what not to do and why people get physically hurt and psychically attacked.
There is a huge amount of people in NZ not riding their horses because they have been hurt by the horse
and are in fear of their safety if they get back in the saddle.

Do not capture the animal and drag it to me for "communication/"fixing". This is how people get hurt.
Do not put yourself (or me)  in front of animal who has been injured, mistreated, disrespected, treated like a slave 
and expect to have a conversation. (Not much is going to flow! You may end up with "vital being attack")

Heres what i have found that works ...
This is usually interpreted as "she did not do anything" by people without heart intelligence!

1st. Visit Scenario ... Start by being in a "total loving" state, discover how that is for you! (exciting to find the many ways love masquerades eh?)
The first page of our teaching handout on Talking to Animals by Wynter Worsthorne has 7 references to having a feeling of love, 
the love you have for the person/thing you love most in the world!
When we are still and in a place of honour and respect it allows what is not that to dissapate ... which can translate as an animal
owner being very upset that you are not doing it the way they want it done! (Their own frustration/anger/denial gets moving.)
So its important to stay in the unconditional love, as he animal will amplify/express whatever emotion is in the mix.
At this point we sometimes have very agitated horses/wild animals, running and kicking off some of their pent-up trauma/violence.
(Remember to ask Diva of particular animal kingdom for help and give thanks knowing it is given)

If you get uncomfortable/activated with the reactions of owner/pet its best to leave the scene, have a cuppa, get centered and still again and the return.
This can be a wonderful 1st visit, helping trauma release and getting some info/history on the situation.

I was in this mode when we were with Missy and Awhi, i would not expect any direct animal talk until the 2nd visit.

2nd. Visit Scenario ... In an ideal world the animal would now feel safe because it was honored and repected and received love 
and help to come to a place of centeredness. I would expect the animal to be curious and want to come to me in a place of willingness and ease to have a chat!
 (It could take a few visits before we get here, and this is when distant communication of sending love and safety and respect can be handy)

At this point you might want to bring in some of the things we did in the class ... Sending love to the animal and seeing a bridge of light connect you heart to heart.
The pictures you send to the animal will travel along this light bridge ... see your message in a bubble going to the other ...animals pick up on our pictures,
so sending pictures will help the animal to "read our minds"!
Finish always with gratitude to Animal Kingdom!

Sending love and Gratitude to all.
We can continue on these themes in our followup Skype sessions!

I head next week to work with horses/dogs/peeps in Nelson, Timaru, Oamaru, Invercargill, Wanaka, Queenstown and Franz,
so please let anyone know who may be helped? Thankyou so much
Luv and Animal Sparkles Yvonne ...

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